The world is our oyster

oystersOur team recently sponsored a Blue Marine Foundation project that aims to restore native oysters into the Solent. Native oyster beds provide habitats for hundreds of species, and the oysters also improve water quality by removing nitrogen and sequestering carbon. They have disappeared from a lot of the UK’s coastline meaning a loss to the environment. Several of the Southsea Coastal Scheme team, along with other volunteers, helped to clean, tag and measure native oysters which will soon be placed into their new homes in The Solent. The Blue Marine Foundation has looked at the figures and provided the below summary:
  • We had 126 attendances across the four days (including those who loved it so much they came back for more!).
  • This was over 750 of volunteer hours.
  • We cleaned, scrubbed and ensured that 5,135 adult oysters were biosecure!
  • You all managed to tag, weigh and measure an incredible 3,800 of those oysters!! They are now safely on the reef in the River Hamble.
  • This takes the total number of oysters deployed onto the reef to 20,074.
  • If we get similar levels of spawning to those we keep in nurseries, then over 1 billion larvae could be released this summer from the batch you all helped to clean alone, and 2 billion larvae from the number of adult oysters now on the reef.
If you are interested in attending events like this in the future, or other events working with seagrass, saltmarsh and seabirds, please visit