Spectacular scenes on Southsea shore

People visiting the seafront near the Pyramids during September can expect to see spectacular displays of large amounts of shingle being 'rainbowed' across the beach by dredging vessel, the Sospan Dau. The Sospan Dau will arrive around midday on Sunday 3 September and will deliver 24,000m3 of shingle to recharge the beach by the newly constructed groyne throughout the month. It is planned that the vessel will sail into shore on every rising tide for around 2-3 weeks to spray shingle onto the beach via a specialised nozzle on the bow which will create the rainbow effect. This is the first part of the sea defence work on the next frontage of the Southsea Coastal Scheme which runs from the Pyramids to Speakers' Corner. Southsea Coastal Scheme Project Director Guy Mason said: "While I encourage people to come down and watch the Sospan Dau in action, it's important to keep a safe distance while the vessel is spraying shingle so please stay clear, whether in or out of the water. "I also wish to advise residents that there will be some out-of-hours working as this work is reliant on the high tide and apologise in advance for any inconvenience." From 2 October the promenade between the Pyramids and Speakers' Corner near the Briny will be closed in order for the essential sea defence work to continue. The area is expected to re-open in winter 2024. Portsmouth City Council Leader Cllr Steve Pitt said: "This next frontage of the Southsea Coastal Scheme is a continuation of the area currently closed for flood defence work around Southsea Castle. As always, consultation is at the forefront of the Southsea Coastal Scheme and the team has worked with businesses in the area to accommodate their needs over the busy summer months. "The promenade will remain open until the peak season is over and the Briny restaurant and Baffled Coffee Kiosk - both in the vicinity of the work - will remain open to their loyal customers during construction." The King's Harbour Master Portsmouth has released details and advice for vessels over this period: 23101 SOUTHSEA WORKS BEACH RECHARGE OPS SEPT 23 | Royal Navy (mod.uk)