Open for business

The promenade around Long Curtain Moat is back in business with the first stage of the Southsea Coastal Scheme now open to the public.
We've opened today (10 February 2023) especially in time for half-term. There are a few minor additions to be made so you will see some of our team on site putting the finishing touches in place over the next few weeks. Come on down to see the new flood defences and much improved promenade. Highlights on display in the area include:
  • A new seawall built with Purbeck limestone and granite units
  • A higher and wider promenade
  • 18 tide pools
  • Two new bridges
  • Enhanced lighting
  • Planting beds
  • New seating - some with lights installed
  • Renewal of the Clarence Pier carpark.

Staff gathered in the new Clarence Pier carpark today where they were thanked by the Lord Mayor Cllr Hugh Mason and Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure & Economic Development Cllr Steve Pitt. Construction work here began in September 2020.Some of the construction highlights of this pioneering engineering project include:
  • 525 linear metres of sheet piles installed, totalling 6300m2 (if the piles were laid end to end, this would make a total of 12km of sheet piles driven into the ground)
  • 11,474 tonnes of rock imported from Norway
  • 118 parapet units and 18 special parapet units installed, totalling 136 units
  • 5700 tonnes of in situ concrete poured.
Work on the Southsea Coastal Scheme continues around Southsea Castle until spring 2025. And finally, don't forget our upcoming exhibition where you can learn more about the Southsea Coastal Scheme. Friday 24 February (2pm - 8pm) and Saturday 25 February (9am - 3pm) at the CourtX tennis centre, Eastern Parade, Southsea.