Shingle clearance at Long Curtain Moat

You may have noticed that over the years that shingle has begun to build up on the inside of Long Curtain Moat, mostly around the outfall which allows sea water to enter and exit the moat. This build up prevents the free flow of water which occurs naturally with the tide, and could endanger the unique habitat that is provided for protected species that thrive in the area, such as eel grass. To open up the outfall again, contractors working on behalf of Portsmouth City Council will work to remove the shingle and then move it to near Mozzarella Joe's, which will complement the work already carried out there as part of the emergency repairs that have just been completed. The work will commence on Monday June 4th and should take around a week, and they will try to keep disruption to a minimum where possible. Pedestrian diversions will be in place around the moat whilst the works take place.