Sea wall repairs at Clarence Beach

Work will soon begin to repair the sea wall at Clarence beach in Southsea, which has been exposed to many years of strong currents, shingle abrasion and storm damage. The work is expected to start on the 24 September and take three weeks, and will be delivered by the Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership on behalf of the council. Why is the work needed? Concrete at the top of the wall has been damaged, and the limestone blocks that form the wall have been displaced by waves and storms. This means the wall isn't providing the protection against coastal flooding that it needed in this area. The work will repair the wall and prevent further damage until the Southsea Coastal Scheme work commences to completely replace and upgrade the defences in a few years time. What will I see? The work will undertake concrete repairs to the sea wall located between Spur Redoubt and Clarence Pier. The exposed sheet pile tops will be cut off, and concrete will be used to fill in voids from loss of blockwork. A timber framework will be used to cast concrete panels that will protect the wall from further storm damage. How will I be affected? There will be limited disruption on the beach and promenade, and they will both remain open during the work for access. The contractor will fence off the work areas for safety. Please keep your safety in mind when walking close to construction work and transit areas. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you in advance for your cooperation throughout the work. Should you have any questions or would like to find out more, please visit or email