Frontage 5


Work began in the area between the Pyramids and
Speakers’ Corner in summer 2023.

By extending the area of work currently happening around Southsea Castle we will shave up to a year off the Southsea Coastal Scheme! Work is anticipated to last for around 16 months.

Pyramids to Pier


The flood defence design consists of a promenade raised by 600mm, a stepped revetment leading to a managed beach and a low set back wall. All Grade II listed shelters and lamp columns will be refurbished and reinstated as part of our works.

illustration of design at Frontage 5


The promenade and set back walls in this area will be raised with key access points as per the existing provision. This design limits the physical impact to the eastern battery which is part of the Scheduled Ancient Monument that links to Southsea Castle. The width of the promenade will be an average of 8m with a few localised spots reduced to 7m. Where there are shelters, the promenade will be 14m wide in this section. The image shows the reinstated lighting columns along with the three popular shelters; the larger black shelter and two smaller yellow shelters. They will also be aligned centrally with the lighting columns and memorials. Short ramps on to the beach will occur at 100m intervals to improve access to the beach. It is important to note that the Rock Gardens will not be impacted by the Southsea Coastal Scheme. Soft landscaping including wildflower planting will help tie the new works to the Rock Gardens.

Illustration of Design near Rock Gardens

Speaker’s Corner (‘The Red’)

This is Speakers’ Corner, by the Briny. The area will be greatly enhanced by the Southsea Coastal Scheme and will become more of a social and event space, with new trees and planting terraces in abundance. The planting terraces will provide an aesthetically pleasing way to separate the levels along the promenade. There will be play areas and seating throughout.


Illustration of planned design at Speakers' Corner

The Briny will remain in this area and we are scheduling works to minimise the impact on their operations during the summer period. We also added a decking area towards the road to accommodate outside seating whilst access to the promenade is not possible.


Illustration of planned design around the Briny

Suitable surfacing materials will be used to continue offering a skate friendly area. The Long Shelter in this area will be removed, and Portsmouth City Council has committed to providing a new shelter alternative in the future.

Illustration of design at Speakers' corner
Illustration of design planned for Frontage 5 roadside

watch an illustrated flyover of the planned design here