Winter 2014: Consultation report

A non-statutory public consultation ran for 8 weeks, from 3rd November 2014 to the 29th December 2014. This provided the public with the opportunity to view and comment on the short list of coastal defence options being proposed for Southsea. A total of 471 people attended the exhibition events, showing a strong interest in the scheme from the local community. 378 questionnaire responses were received throughout the consultation, via the exhibition events, online and by post.

Posters were displayed detailing the 3 short-listed options in each area of the seafront, and highlighted which of these was currently the leading option. There was an overall average of 85.8% support for the leading coastal defence option in each area. 92.2% said they believe there is a need to reduce the risk of flooding and erosion to Southsea, with 89.3% saying there is a need for new coastal defences. Take a look at the full report here.

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