Repairs to concrete revetment at Long Curtain Moat


We have recently been carrying out ground investigation work at Long Curtain Moat to gather further information which will inform the detailed engineering design for new coastal defences along 4.5km of Southsea seafront.

During these investigations, a significant amount of voiding was discovered underneath the rock revetment near Spur Redoubt which required further investigation throughout the previous week.

The repair process has now been agreed which involves filling the void with foam concrete. This process will begin on Monday 30 September and should be completed by the end of the day on Tuesday 1 October.

Whilst this work is undertaken, the promenade between Spur Redoubt and the Saluting Platform at Long Curtain Moat will be closed to pedestrians to ensure the repairs are carried out safely.

There will be two pedestrian diversions in place. The first being a stepped diversion route down to the bridge through Nelson’s Tunnel. Those pedestrians requiring a more accessible route will be signposted to a route back around Clarence Pier carpark and behind King’s Bastion. This route is significantly longer than the stepped diversion route so please plan your journey accordingly. Both routes have been outlined in the image below.

We thank the public for their patience whilst this area has been closed to allow these important investigations and subsequent repairs to take place.

We expect pedestrian access to be restored as normal by Wednesday morning.

If you have any questions, please contact us at