With current defences reaching the end of their existing life (some dating as far back as World War II), it is important that we adapt our coastline to reduce flood risk moving into the future.

Check out our video on why we need to upgrade and enhance our seafront defences at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zw0jeDzctZ8

There are 10,000 homes and 704 non-residential properties in Southsea at risk of flooding from the sea. Current defence levels only offer limited protection from coastal flooding and the existing structures have residual lives of less than 10 years, with two major failures in recent years.

If improvements are not undertaken the current defences will continue to deteriorate with an increasing risk to property and lives. Sea level rise and the increase in extreme weather events predicted over the next 100 years will continue to put Southsea’s coastal defences under increasing pressure.

The project aims to mitigate increasing risks of flooding from the sea, and high tides & winter storms.

Potential extent of coastal flooding in Southsea. Areas in purple would see flood water a depth of around 4 metres.

Current status of existing sea defences



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