Southsea Coastal Scheme: Timeline

The North Solent Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) is adopted, covering an area from Selsey Bill, in the east, and Hurst Spit, in the west, and includes Portsmouth, Langstone and Chichester Harbours. The plan identifies and recommends strategic and sustainable coastal defence policy options for particular lengths of coast to reduce risks to people, the developed and natural environment from flooding.


The Portsea Island Coastal Strategy is approved. The strategy builds on policies set in the North Solent SMP and helps to decide how the coastline surrounding Portsea Island, Portsmouth, Hampshire will be managed for the next 100 years. It concluded that a 'hold the line' policy for Portsea Island is imperative in order to protect the population of the city and its infrastructure from the risk of flooding from the sea.


A consultation on the short list of coastal defence options being proposed for Southsea ran for 8 weeks, from 3rd November 2014 to the 29th December 2014. Nearly 500 people attended the events.

Winter 2014

The public's preferred option of beach management, backed up by a sloped defence and a further defence set back from the promenade, was submitted to central government as part of an ‘Outline Business Case’ to get £5.9m of funding for design.


Central government approves the outline business case along with £5.9m worth of funding, allowing us develop this concept further into a workable design that takes into account the unique nature of the frontage in Southsea and feedback from seafront users and businesses.

Early summer 2017

Arup, a global leader in the design of green infrastructure projects, supported by specialist consultant, Ramboll are appointed to design the scheme.

Summer 2017

Nearly 700 people attend a series of engagement events held by the team to find out the story behind why this work needs to be carried out, how we got to this stage of the process, and to give us early feedback.

Autumn 2017

Consultation events and workshops with the public will were held on our design proposals.

Early summer 2018

Consenting, licensing, a planning application and 'Full Business Case' submission to get the required funding to build the scheme are programmed for the start of 2019

Start of 2019

Construction could start in early 2020. The scheme will build the frontages in phases, so it will not encompass the entire seafront at one time. Until funding is secure and the design is final, the phasing of each frontage will not be confirmed

Early 2020

Project could be completed.

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