The outline design concept of a sloped sea wall (known as a ‘revetment’) and a set-back defence that was chosen in the previous public consultation will offer the standard of protection Southsea requires for the next 100 years, whilst offering an opportunity to enhance the seafront and maintain the area’s unique heritage.

It gives us flexibility to respond to public feedback from our engagement and consultation exercises. We’ll also consider unique character of each area of the seafront as we refine this outline design concept.

Beach management is also an integral part of our plans, which means a healthy beach will continue to be maintained where one exists at the moment. You can find out more about the research that has been carried on how the beach moves over on the Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership website.

The concept for each part of our frontage are currently being rigorously interrogated by our design team before being taken further and developed. Your feedback will also be fed in to the process, and we’ll demonstrate to you how we’ve taken it on-board at each stage.

We’ll be showcasing our latest sketches, plans and ideas on the Our Plans page when they become available.


Anything we build will be fully compliant with the Equality Act 2010 – however, we’d like to go further than that and improve access to the frontage and beach for all users as part of our design. We’ll also look to include more places to sit and enjoy the fantastic sea views we all love along the seafront.


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