How will the project be funded?

In 2020, the government awarded nearly £100m of funding to the project.

Funding from the Environment Agency was the final hurdle the Portsmouth City Council project had to overcome and work started on 7 September 2020.

Previously, Portsmouth City Council was allocated £6.5m of grant funding from central government to progress the design phase of the project. This came following approval of the scheme’s Outline Business Case by the Environment Agency, Defra and HM Treasury.

Following planning approval of the principal design, council presented a Full Business Case to government to apply for the funding for the construction works.

Project cost breakdown

  • Design Costs: £7.3m
  • Construction costs: £97m
  • Project Delivery costs: £9.7m
  • Risk contingency: £16.0m
Cost to deliver the defences: £130m
  • Maintenance costs (for next 100 years): £4.5m
  • Future costs: £26.0m
Whole life cost of the project: £160.5m
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