The consultation is now closed. You can find the consultation report here.

You can still find the consultation materials below for your reference.

We want to build new sea defences that not only significantly reduce the risk of flooding for over 8000 properties in Southsea for the next century, but also embrace everything we all love about the seafront. We listened to your responses to our earlier consultations and your feedback has helped shape our ideas. The designs we are presenting in the following survey have been developed taking your views into account. There are more decisions to be made, and we want to hear your thoughts.

You can find all the materials relating to the summer 2018 consultation below.

We would advise that you view the video of why we need to build the scheme, then look at the video visualisation and read the consultation posters to gain the best possible understanding of the scheme proposals. You can also access a 360° viewer which will show views from different areas of the seafront (more details below).

Video: Why we need to build the scheme

Video: Visualisation of design proposals and options (with audio description)

Consultation posters PDF download also available here (5MB)

A full consultation booklet, with more background information about the scheme is available to view online here and download here (PDF, 11MB)

360° viewer

There is also a 360° viewer which takes you to different points on the seafront so you can experience what the new sea defences might feel like once built. You can access it here.

When loaded, you will be taken to a map of available viewpoints. In areas where options are available, tap the icon in the bottom left corner (that looks like 4 squares) and you’ll be able to select either one. To close a view and move to another, tap the ‘x’ in the top right and you’ll return to the map. The viewer is VR compatible.






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