Our Plans

We’re currently in the process of developing our detailed plans, but we’ll be posting the latest updates from the design team here as we have them. We’ll also explain the different options we are looking at in various areas.

Current Visualisations

For the moment, these are just some ideas on how the seafront might look in future but please bear in mind these will be altered as the designs are developed and consultation with stakeholders is carried out.

Southsea Castle

Pyramids frontage leading to South Parade Pier

Design Considerations

To help explain the variations on the outline design concept we are looking at, we’ve created an series of cut-away drawings that show a single section of the seafront, down by Southsea Common. We’ll narrow these down based on feedback from our stakeholders.

Remove road, widen promenade and create grass bank into common

Clarence esplanade road closed and raised, promenade shifted to the edge of the common, secondary deĀ­fence bund against the southern edge of the Southsea Common.

Road becomes one way, secondary defence with steps to edge of prom

Road narrowed to accommodate one-way traffic, secondary defence wall with steps to the edge of the promenade.

Road retained, low secondary wall with integrated seating

Clarence Esplanade road width retained, low secondary defence wall to the edge of the promenade creating an opportunity for integrated seating.

Road retained, raised prom with secondary defence at back of common

Clarence Esplanade road as existing, raised promenade with railings to the edge of the road. secondary sea defences as grass terraces to the northern edge of the common.

Road removed, prom widened, grass terrace steps leading to common

Clarence Esplanade road closed to traffic, promenade widened and moved towards the common. secondary sea defence as a slight upstand with grass terraced steps to meet the levels on the common.

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