Mastering the world of engineering

June 23 is International Women in Engineering Day. Here, we profile our graduate engineer Molly McMaster.
Molly McMaster was just 15 when she was introduced to the world of civil engineering during a visit to an architecture exhibition with her parents. She went on to study for a Masters in Civil Engineering, where she gained site experience by working on highways jobs and a water treatment project. Now a graduate engineer with the Southsea Coastal Scheme, Molly enjoys a varied role on site where she says there's never a dull moment! Molly said: "Things can change 15 minutes into the day so you’ve got to be ready to react and progress on site. "It’s a job with high levels of satisfaction – you get to be involved transforming what is on a drawing into a structure in front of you." Having grown up in Southsea, Molly feels lucky to work on a project that means something to her personally. "I’ve witnessed the impact of storms on the infrastructure along the seafront and I feel lucky to be able to use the knowledge I gained in my studies to work on a project that will protect and transform the place I call home," she said. "Every day is a learning day and I get to work on a beach which is pretty cool. Plus, I’ll be able to say 'I built that' for the rest of my life!" Molly encourages girls to get into civil engineering, which she says is so much more than muddy boots and concrete. "There is nothing to say a girl can’t do it. Have faith in yourself, your abilities and the power of your voice. There’s no limit to what you can accomplish."