Long Curtain Moat is benefiting from maintenance work as part of asset improvements and enabling work

Crucial heritage and enabling work in preparation for the Southsea Coastal Scheme at Long Curtain Moat will start from 15 June and take place weekdays between 7am and 7pm. Work includes repair work to the inner moat walls as well as preparation work for the new sea defences along this frontage on the seaward side of the moat wall and Spur Redoubt, carried out by contractor Suttle Projects. The work will begin on the seaward side of the moat wall and Spur Redoubt to improve the condition of the heritage asset and ensure its stability prior to work commencing on the new sea defences along this frontage. The work will mainly consist of renewing the mortar joints between the stone where required, known as repointing, and injecting carefully selected grout to the core of the wall in places where it may become unstable in the future if no action is taken. Scaffolding to the outer moat wall will be required to complete these works. Re-pointing of the inner moat walls, that was started in autumn last year but could not be completed over winter due to limestone mortar not working well in cold conditions, will also take place later in the summer. In addition, the inner moat walls will be cleaned where necessary to remove staining, a section of brickwork at the eastern end of the moat that has been destabilised by vegetation growth will be carefully removed and relayed, and some stone blocks that have been significantly damaged or lost over time will be replaced with new stone that has been carefully selected to match the existing historical stone as best as possible. This work will mainly be accessed using floating pontoons. Where possible, all work will be carried out using hand tools to ensure the necessary protection of the heritage asset, but may involve some limited heavy machinery and pressure washers due to the nature of the work. Historic England has been consulted throughout the process and has approved the methods selected for the works. There may be some temporary pedestrian diversions in place as a result of the work, especially during mobilisation and demobilisation stages, but these will be kept to a minimum and clearly signposted whilst in effect. No long-term closures are expected.