FLOOD ALERT – 9 April 2024

There is a risk of flooding expected to the coastal areas around Portsmouth and Southsea in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Many flood gates have been closed already, and the remaining flood gates in Old Portsmouth, at Camber Quay near the carpark and at the Bridge Tavern will be closed from approximately 9pm tonight. Members of our team are preparing for the storm event in Old Portsmouth and on the open coast. The team is currently notifying residents who may be directly affected. For at least two hours either side of high water there is a risk of overtopping of current sea defences flooding roads and promenades around the Portsmouth coastline, especially at Southsea. Road gates from Blue Reef Aquarium to the Beach Club, and between Canoe Lake to the Coffee Cup will close from approximately 9pm tonight. The new defences currently being constructed are designed for these conditions and will provide protection in the immediate areas. After this tide the weather looks to become more settled but impacts from the storm may continue to the latter part of the week. We advise people to stay away from coastal areas during this storm event. To check the latest information for your area: - Visit the GOV.UK website to see the current flood warnings, view river and sea levels or check the 5-day flood risk forecast: https://check-for-flooding.service.gov.uk/targe.../065WAC158 - Call Floodline on 0345 988 1188 using quickdial code: 216023. - Follow @EnvAgency and #floodaware on Twitter.