Engineering opportunities flooding in for women    

Amy Brittan is a Coastal Project Engineer who juggles two challenging roles: Site Supervisor on the Southsea Coastal Scheme and Project Manager for the Langstone Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Scheme. When it comes to this year's International Women's Day theme of 'Breaking the Bias', Amy challenges the assumption that men are most suited to careers in engineering. Amy said: "Breaking the bias to me means encouraging and retaining more female workers in our industry to change the assumption that ‘only men can do this type of work’ – when in fact ANYONE can do this type of work with the correct qualifications! "We have a general skills shortage across the industry so it's vital to keep the field of engineering open and accessible to everyone." Amy has a Masters' degree in Engineering in the Coastal Environment. Now 29, she acknowledges that, while being female in a male-dominated industry can have its challenges, times are changing and many more women are entering, and being accepted into, the industry. "With time and experience your confidence grows, and we all feel the need to gain the respect of others - but perhaps sometimes women feel we have to prove it a bit more. "In my current roles, I haven’t seen any male: female workplace divide. Everyone is treated equally which is wonderful! "Ultimately, a workplace should provide a welcoming and open working environment which provides equal opportunities for all. "It doesn’t matter whether an idea comes from a male or female: We are all human so no judgement should be made on this basis."