Emergency works update: 8 May

Another week has been completed on our emergency works, and again good progress has been made. We’ve have placed the concrete behind the sheet piles, which consisted of 44m3 (100t) of reinforced material. This has been placed at a level beneath the existing promenade level to allow Colas to resurface and reinstate the prom once we hand the site back to them. 650 tonnes of shingle, sourced from the Solent, has now been placed in total. Portsmouth City Council has contributed extra funding to allow us to bring in a further 400 tonnes of shingle to be placed to the east of the beach, which will help to stabilise the entire frontage. Next week will focus on forming the capping beam along the sheet piles, and placing the remaining shingle. We anticipate that we will be in a position to hand over the site to Colas in approximately 2 weeks.