Coastal schemes take international stage


The Southsea and North Portsea Coastal Schemes were honoured to be invited by the United Nations’ Race to Resilience initiative to share their climate change adaptation experiences with other city leaders on an international stage at the recent London Climate Action Week.

The event, Cities dialogue: adapting urban infrastructure to a changing climate, brought together city representatives to discuss urban infrastructure issues, find commonalities in experiences, and share learnings.

Coastal Environmental Project Engineer Lucy Sheffield represented the coastal defence projects, which are both designed to adapt to rising sea levels and protect over homes and businesses in Portsmouth for the next 100 years.

The schemes balance robust defences with a commitment to environmental sustainability, ensuring Portsmouth’s coastline remains a haven for both its human and marine residents. Artificial tide pools, mimicking natural ecosystems found on rocky coastlines, are installed to promote marine life colonisation. Recycling is a priority and materials from existing structures are reused, minimising waste. Mitigation strategies are in place to protect birds such as Brent geese and purple sandpipers.