Ciao, Bella!


Student engineer on site

Today we bid farewell to our student placement engineer Isabella (Bella) as she heads off from sunny Southsea to the rural village of Vuadomo in Fiji to volunteer with a sustainable tourism project for eight weeks.

Bella will be involved in constructing wooden pavilions using local materials and vernacular design features. It is hoped that these will increase tourism to the small village by providing commercial space for cultural and wellness experiences.

Vuadomo has few houses and Bella will stay with a local family during the week, with the opportunity to explore Fiji on weekends.

The Southsea Coastal Scheme welcomed Bella in June 2023 when she took a year out of her MEng (hons) Civil Engineering degree at Bath University to work on the major coastal defence project.

Bella said: “Working at the Southsea Coastal Scheme has exposed me to a live construction site and given me the chance to apply what I’ve learned at university in real life.

“I’ve gained more technical understanding of the works on site.

“The best part of the job has been working with my colleagues in a really nice, healthy working environment.

“Once I finish studying, I hope to travel the world to work on engineering projects that make a real difference in less developed communities.

“It’s why I wanted to work in Fiji – the structure I’m helping to build will make a huge difference to the Vuadomo community and I find that very rewarding.”

Exhibition in library

Bella will return to her studies after Fiji and is on track to graduate in summer 2026.

We wish her all the best – Vanuinui vinaka e nomu volau!

Follow Bella’s journey on Instagram: @bella_in_fiji