Castle Rock!

New flood defences around Southsea Castle will consist of 140,000 tonnes of rock and a rebuilt split-level promenade. This rock will start arriving by barge in the week commencing 7 March 2022 and will be delivered from March to September 2022 on a weekly basis, averaging 5,500 tonnes per week. Over this period, rock will be stockpiled in heaps from the beach adjacent to Blue Reef Aquarium, along the work front and up to the east beach stockpile located near the Pyramids. The first load of rock is planned for delivery to the east beach stockpile adjacent to the Pyramids in the week commencing 28 February. Following this, rock will be dropped in locations along the work front. Over this time, large construction equipment such as trucks and excavators will be working on the beach, as well as tug boats, barges and support vessels off shore. We would like to assure you that noise will be monitored throughout the works. Please also note that we may also need to light up the area for work outside of daylight hours. We will, of course, try to ensure minimum disturbance. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions, please contact us on email