Weekly update – 19 April 2024

A week of Prom-otions!
As well as Portsmouth Football Club being promoted this week, the promenade slabs providing access to Frontage 4 (Southsea Castle) at the Blue Reef Aquarium end are now complete. We’re even closer to welcoming you all into this newly improved area of the seafront very, very soon…
back to black
Back to black…
…tarmac! We have just finished backfilling a sturdy base along the ramp which leads up to the completed promenade slabs near Blue Reef Aquarium. This ramp will temporarily be a black tarmac to provide ramped access to Frontage 4 (Southsea Castle) from the Blue Reef Aquarium end. During the construction of Frontage 3 (Southsea Common) this black tarmac will be covered by a permanent buff colour to tie in with the rest of the prom.
just around the corner
Just around the corner…
In this photo at Speakers’ Corner, you can see the shape of the steps and the tiered terraces on the eastern side of The Briny restaurant starting to take shape. The newly tiered levels at Speakers’ Corner will contain a variety of planters, trees, seating and play area once complete which will really enhance the public space here.
boulder gardens
Growing places!
This week we have planted flowers in our boulder gardens! There are two boulder gardens along the curved wall in front of the bandstand field. As a fun wildlife trail, each boulder has been recovered from the excavation of the old defences. There are etched disks on these boulders with sea creatures and wildlife which can be found along Southsea seafront and in The Solent.
[caption id="attachment_5584" align="alignnone" width="300"]SF1 awards ©Robert Mills Photography, Volker Stevin Flood Defence, Portsmoith, Frontage 1 and Frontage 4. Engineering, Channel, Solent, Southsea, 2023[/caption]
In the words of Cliff…
...Congratulations! Well done to our team on being shortlisted for the Environment Agency Flood and Coast Excellence Awards 2024. Our first completed phase of sea defences at Long Curtain Moat is one of four finalists in the 'Climate Resilient Places' category. Winners are announced in June. Good luck team!