Weekly Update – 30 July 2021


Take a peek…

Tipner Park and Ride scheme is running to Clarence Pier over the summer! It has been great to see the public using the seafront again. Come down to Clarence Pier and take a peek through the viewing windows at our progress.

Another brick in the wall

The final concrete pour for the tie in wall between the caponier and the sheet pile line completed this week – next we will be fitting the apron units that lie between the front and rear pile lines.

The bays are back in town!

It’s been quiet on the bay working front for a couple of weeks, but here we are back now working at bay seven of eight. Section by section, digging out, attaching beams and blinding and backfilling once complete.  The waling beam on the rear of the front pile line provides stability and support to the steel piles, whilst the toe beam on the front of the rear pile line provides the same stability as well as a base for the precast vertical wall.

Get the rocks off

All the old flood defences are now removed from the front of the western pile line.  Now its time to move the rocks off the shore to the east of Spur Redoubt and place them to create the revetment (sloped flood defence structure) at the west.

And to cap it all off…

Works to the eastern promenade march on with preparation for the capping beam (concrete beam that sits on top of the defence wall to stabilise and finish the wall).  This week we have started to install blinding for a stable concrete base for the capping beam to rest on.