Ocean’s 20!

Below is a list of 20 artists who will feature in 'A Collaborative Arts Plan for Southsea and Portsmouth’ exhibition. Venue: The D-Day Story, Southsea Date: 6-13 November 2021 Open from 10am - 4pm daily
1.       Clarke Reynolds Braille art as a wave-like wall mural using beautiful ceramic glazed tiles or tactile studs.
2.       Roo Abrook Street art made permanent. Mixed media collage portraits as permanent full colour lavastone.
3.       Heinrich & Palmer A large scale projected installation promoting the Mary Rose Museum or HMS Victory.
4.       Alice Hume Giant woven macramé paving and marine grade steel space dividers. Craft sourced from history.
5.       My Dog Sighs A 'parkour parklet' providing a space and canvas for local street art and a gateway into the creative sector.
6.       Samo White Vibrant illustrated portraits can be brought to life using a colourful selection of hard wearing materials.
7.       Kim Edith Embroidery based illustrations can decorate a variety of surfaces such as seawalls or sustainable timber.
8.       Jacqui Mair Mixed media illustrations can form engaging wall murals and a semi-permanent 'flock of deckchairs'.
9.       Fark Much loved street art can be taken into three dimensions to create colourful children's playground equipment.
10.   Connor Tyler Celebrating naval tattoo heritage with a 'tattoo walk' set along the frontage in hard alloy brass or bronze.
11.   Karl Bailey A permanent outdoor photographic gallery that celebrates local area culture, people and businesses.
12.   John Ainsworth Working with the Solent Oyster Restoration Project and local education to create a water play feature design.
13.   Pete Codling A multi-disciplinary artist savvy to working outdoors with an impressive range of materials.
14.   Steve Dodd Fine art impressionist paintings as ceramic glazed tiles, full colour lavastone or outdoor gallery prints.
15.   Matthew Watson Representing the forms and patterns of local marine life through wet rubber moulded concrete.
16.   Celia Clark Poetry made permanent. Literary work set along the frontages providing pause for thought.
17.   Barry John Hobs Sourcing of found objects and materials to create visuals signatures and assets for environmental branding.
18.   Jessa Speed A marine themed mural created in collaboration with the residents of Portsmouth and Southsea.
19.   Matt Wingett Referencing the folk tales and ancient mysteries of the local area through long-term excerpts.
20.   Amber Elliot Celebrating naval tattoo heritages with a 'tattoo walk' set along the frontages in hard alloy brass or bronze.
Writers and artists were invited to submit their work for consideration in the exhibition in September 2021.